National Asbestos Flooring Encasement Systems, INC

Asbestos barrier system®


Your Asbestos Flooring Solution

What we do 

The Asbestos Barrier System® is the low cost, low downtime, And lifetime alternative to abatement on asbestos floors. Eliminating exposure to asbestos floors is a major concern for any employer because of the health effects associated with asbestos. 

Major Advantages

  • We create an airtight containment that elements exposure to asbestos flooring through our proprietary Asbestos Barrier System®
  • Our system can be installed and overlaid with new flooring anywhere from 1000-2500 feet per day.
  • We provide you 50%-70% in cost savings over abatement. 
  • We have a lifetime warrenty on the ABS®

Over 2 million square feet of the ABS has been installed in United States Post Offices across the country. That is a testament to the cost savings and downtime benefits of the ABS.